Sunday, November 27, 2005

alrite ... new blog site again.
i like to move it around ... see if people are payin attention.

nathan and i just got home this morning from a long weekend in az. we had a lot of fun. got in on thanksgiving morning, and spent the day with the family playing stick ball and eating lots of food. the dee family stick ball tradition is pretty insane. but in that great kind of way. they have been keeping stats for the past 10 years, and i decided that it was better if i sat this year out, and get a feel for it before i start letting them post my horrible stats.

we got to spend time with jordan, nathans best friend. and my new lil friend liz. and we got to see some other friends. played games. the ususal. lots of fun. jordan preformed at this benefit concert - the whole thing was pretty bad. but of course jordan was great. it was the first time i got to hear the o so famous mr. bluth.

blah blah blah ... thats pretty much the weekend ... as usual my life isnt really exciting. but maybe if i keep posting, something fun will come along for me to post.

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