Wednesday, November 30, 2005

a dilema

i dont know what to do ... a blogging dilema if you will...

i blogged on lj since august of 2001 ... yeah ive been a blogger that long ...

i think i like using *blog* way too much

none the less - i didnt blog for nearly a year. then the last couple of months i got back into it ... on another site (other than lj)

i felt compelled to rid the lj journal - as it held some past experiences that i didnt think should be shared any longer.

then today - i said ... bollocks, i want it all back and im going to blog there again. so i got back all my old posts. put up some stupid entry. and left.

but i felt drawn again to this site this evening - and i felt drawn to posting.
how can this be?!

lj is so familiar to me .. it seems good to post there... however, i think that blogger is where i should stay now.

yes ... i know my life is so trivial that this is my dilema. real things happen to me. real trials. real laughs. maybe ill post some of those soon. probably later tonite. as this keeps me entertained when my husband is away.

blogger it is? it isnt? i will keep this one stewing for a while.

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