Monday, November 28, 2005


what a lame ace day. i had one group meeting today. no appointments. and the group meeting went like POOP!

im so frustrated. i had one guy in the back just sighing the whole time saying *this plan is horrible blah blah blah* ... but because he never listened to me, he never heard the fact that he is paying more in premiums each year than he will ever pay in copays on my plan. but no, i suck and hes right. from that point on, i just gave up. i was really mad at me for being a stupid bum and not controlling my audience, and mad at my stupid group for not acting like the adults they should be.

nathan and i watched arry poher (thats harry potter - nathan stylee) number 2 last night. he liked it, and is looking forward to seeing 3 tonight. before you know it i'll finally get to go see the new one!!!

we are also starting a diet today. i plan to lose 10-12 pounds by christmas. we will see how that goes, as we did not get our new treadmill today. maybe tomorrow though. basically, we got married and fat. my mum says *thats what happens* ... but i refuse to be that girl.

and thats that.

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