Wednesday, November 30, 2005

this is what i moved to utah for?

last night it rained and snowed. no big deal, i expected that when i moved to slc.

what i found this morning, however, was completely unexpected.

i went downstairs to my car, and tried to unlock it (no automatic locks here!!) and the key wouldnt budge. it wouldnt even go all the way inside the lock. i tried the passenger door and the back lock on the tail gate, both with the same results.

nathan was upstairs, probably still in bed; but i called him anyway. asked him to come downstairs and help. he came out in his shorts. are we from the desert or what?

meanwhile the ward clerk stops to ask if we are ok - and ask us to meet with the bishop on sunday. we say no and yes. he says we have to warm the key up. so nathan starts rubbing.

next the slc parkin police pulls up and says - your locks must be frozen. i didnt know that happened on chevy's. (...thanks...) he says he has some spray we can use, only to realize he is all out. (...thanks again...) slc parking man then advises nathan to stick the key in his mouth to warm it up. what a sight this is. him in his running shorts with a key in his mouth, in the middle of snow and ice.

finally after about 15 minutes, we get the car unlocked. i start it up, turn on the heat. and we scrape the ice of the windows.

this is what i moved to utah for?

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