Thursday, December 01, 2005

bridge and don johnson equal old people

busy day today. i had 8 appointments. but as usual vegas scheduled me in orem at 11, west valley at 12 and orem at 1 ... what?! how can i do that. well i cant. so i canceled my noon and rescheduled for tomorrow. my five o clock canceled. and i was mad. but not so mad. 'cause i sold two cases today.

old people are weird. and funny. but mostly weird.
my first appointment was at a retirement community and the lil ole lady brought all her friends. i felt like i was interupting a game of bridge. ok, i dont know what bridge is. but i always imagine ole ladies playing bridge. they pretty much all looked confused the whole time i spoke to them. and i have a feeling that only three could even hear me. then a man showed up. and he looked pretty comfortable there - and i wondered why he didnt look like he just interupted a game of bridge. meh.

then on to appointment two - where i was instantly told she didnt want to hear anything about what i was selling. why do these people make appointments? why do they agree to see me? i finally convinced her it was worth looking at - but her son has to go over it. as is the case with most old people. i think they think everyone is a con man. even sweet lil me.

anyway ... i wont go into all the appointments. but suffice it to say that they were all weird. and i was sick. so maybe that made them weirder.

then i called don johnson. who is the uncle of a guy who works in our vegas office. he talked to me for a half hour about how much he loves BCBS and how he doesnt want to change. why ... please tell me why you told your nephew to have me call you!!! i just dont get it.

anyway - this don johnson character is pretty funny. so ill be happy to meet with him even though i prolly wont sell a dang thing - we should meet on a day with few appointments so i can sit around and shoot the breeze with him. hes an old golf pro. and he lived in vegas for a while. a long while actually. anyway. i google like its my job. so i tried googling the guy - but all that comes up is don johnson of miami vice fame. i dont think this is the same guy. actually im positive its not. why would don johnson of miami vice fame live in sandy utah? plus did he even golf? possibly.

tomorrow is friday. and really what else is there to say.

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