Sunday, December 04, 2005

oh happy day!!

my dearest lil blog. today nathan and i went to eagle mountain to check on the comings of our new home. we are supposed to break ground on wednesday the 7th. so we thought we would go check the lot and see if there were any new markers so we can see how big out backyard will be.

when we got there the sales office was open and Shante was there. we asked her if we were still schedule to break ground on the 7th and she said that there had been a few issues. but it would still happen give or take a few days. she did say however we are set in stone for the 14th for laying of foundation. we were pretty excited about it. we went and looked at the model ... AGAIN ... just because. and i think we are both feeling really confident in our decision. as one should be when making this large of a purchase.

moving on ... we drove down to maple drive and what did we see but BIG PILES OF DIRT!!! do you know what that means?!?! that means they've already excavated. we broke ground last week sometime. HOLY SMOKES!!! we were both soo excited. we jumped out of the car and i started taking pictures. the hole is where our crawl space is ... aka where food storage is stored.

i just like to pictures of "tractor things that dig"as nathan called it or "back hoe" according to jordan. jordan would think of hos ...

you see that beautiful moutain behind our hole?! thats eagle mountain. we have ten acres of land behind our home that are unbuildable. so we will have such a beautiful view from our backyard. we measured the yard and it looks like its about 37 feet by 35-40 feet. enough room for me and gus gus to play.

supposedly from the preconstruction meeting, which will take place after they lay the foundation, it is a 49 day buildtime. that means we are looking at the second week of february. nice! obviously we are expecting delays. but even with delays we will be in in march. how flippin exciting! is the lil homepage for our new town. and nathan prit much is on there as much as im on myspace (haha) checking the news and happenings of the city. as time progresses i will show you more. because, blog, i know how much you care.

yay for excavating!!! yay for our new house!!! and yay for eagle mountain!!!

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