Thursday, December 01, 2005

prank call?

i am going to spell out a phone conversation i had tonite:

me: hello. this is nicole. (its my work cell phone)
woman: hi this is so-and-so and you work for an insurance company.
me: uh huh, yes, sierra.
woman: yeah. and i heard you guys are hiring
me: we are?
woman: you are, arent you?
me: well, jennifer in our office would know more about that than me. im really not in the office that much.
woman: ok. and who is that.
me: jennifer. shes our admin. let me get you the office number and you can call tonite and leave a message and jennifer will get back to you tomorrow.
at this point im looking for a business card with our office main line on it ... and we get into small talk about the weather

woman: do you have a cold?
me: yes. sorry.
woman: no im sorry. thats too bad. and the weather is just teasin us now. its going to get worse.
me: o man. im from vegas and i cant handle it (something along this line)
woman: o really? is this a new company?
me: well we have been in nv for 30 years. new to utah tho.
woman: and you like the company.
me: o yeah. i love it. ive worked here for almost a year and its great.
woman: and you make good money?
i just start laughing
woman: she laughs...
me: well thats an odd question. i make enough to pay bills and go to the movies.
woman: thats it?
im still laughing
woman: im just trying to find out if you make 75 to 80 thousand a year
i start laughing harder
woman: and she laughs again...
me: well ive only been doing this for a month.
woman: i thought you said you worked there for a year
me: yeah. doing something else. i worked on the commercial side before.
woman: oh i see.
me: yeah, well you should call jennifer and our new sales manager will be there tomorrow. so they will know more than me about us hiring.

blah blah blah ... stage goes black. conversation ends.

thats the jist of the phone call. does that sound like a weird phone call to you or what? well if not, then i sucked at explaining it. how did this person get my number. my work cell is not on my card. so i had to have given my cell number to someone - who gave it to this woman who called me.

i was certain it was a prank call. who asks someone how much they make?!? so i called my new lil friend jennifer - who i was sure was behind it all - and left her a message.

however, she just called me and assured me it wasnt her. hmmm. ::scratches chin::
jenn said she would investigate tomorrow if the woman calls the office.

wait for the update.

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