Wednesday, December 07, 2005

utah jazz over joe johnson!!!

o dearest blog. the fun never stops here in utah.

tonight nathan and i thought we would use our handy dandy sprite can that gives us a two for one ticket price to a utah jazz game. we picked tonite for a couple of reasons: one) they were playing the hawks who are the WORST team. they are something like 2 and 15. the benefit of this is that the jazz are 2-7 at home. so if they were gonna win at home, tonight was the night! two) they were playing the hawks who now has former suns player joe johnson. prit much the suns fans (which nathan and i are) now have a bad taste for j.j, as we once lovingly refered to him.
as we arrived at the Delta Center ticket office, with our trusty sprite can, a man walked over to us and said, "uh, have you already bought your tickets?" i was already suspicious. we told him no, to which he asked, "are you good people?" ... we obviously replied in the affirmative. and he handed us two tickets. not just any two tickets but section 15, row 12. those tickets are 93 bucks a pop!!! we were not planning on spending 186$ tonight, so this was quite the surprise! the man took off as fast as he appeared. we had to go looking for him and thank him profusely. he told us he was going to be sitting with us. he has season tickets, and didnt want them to go to waste - and didnt want to give them to some drunks. our first nba game - and we got hooked up with AMAZING seats.

the jazz won. 95-83. i have been listening to sports radio 1280 The Zone for a week now. day in and day out. i mean i am becoming the sports nut i once was - so i pumped about this win. and since we got FREE tickets, we can use the sprite can in march for the Suns game.

oh - how could i forget to tell you blog!? we spent the whole game boo-ing joe johnson. he probably was wondering who in utah could dislike him so much. i heard that when the hawks when to phoenix, he was boo-ed every time he had the ball. nice. phoenix fans are relentless. thats what i like to see!!! we even got the people behind us to boo at joe. oh, i know its not nice. but it sure was fun! im sure he heard us too. at row 12, i could hear him curse back at us. alrite...alrite. that was a lie. but i bet he was thinking it!!!

so it was a great night. we bought some ice cream (for nathan) and nachos (for me). we cheered and booed like champions. we watched some hawks get de-nied. saw the jazz even dunk it. thanks to chris and chris for sharing their tickets with some poor, but deserving, kids.

here are some pics from the night. :

this is the jazz warming up for their big home win. hopefully this will give them what they need to get out of their rut!

this is just before tip off ... which the hawks won possession of ... meh. means nothing to the jazz.

the jazz "bear" ... i dunno how they got a bear as a mascot - but im glad they did. 'cause he was funny. if you know what im sayin'!!

i dont remember if this basket was made or not. but, lets just go ahead and assume it did ;o)

and this is nathan - very cold, but very happy - after the game.

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