Friday, December 02, 2005

work work work workity work work

i have been sleeping since i got home from work today. well i came home and made pork chops for dinner. ate half of one (it was only 4pm) and then put on lotr: fellowship of the ring and almost immediately passed out.

i had a goofy day with the old people today. i think some people just agree to see me because they are lonely. my nine o clock talked for 45 minutes about the dividing line btw lindon and orem. and mostly the whole time she was talking, i was thinking about how if Lindon put an L on the mountain - the mountain would spell UGLY. how funny. someone told me that before i moved here. and it occupies my thoughts now and then. of course, as my mum says, utah is Gods country. and its not ugly at all. but it would just be funny. alrite??

i got four free tickets to a play house in Lindon. the second couple i met with owned this playhouse since 1975. and they liked me, so they gave me free tickets. so nathan and i are going to go see the best christmas pageant ever. i dont know what that show is. but im sure it will be cute.

i also met my new sales manager. who is really nice. you can tell hes been a bishop. and a stake president. and not only cause he told me so. just cause you can tell those things. i am happy ot have someone who shares my faith as my manager. there is just something that is comforting in that. he said everyone he spoke to in las vegas spoke very highly of me. which is grand. i love the people for whom i work.

i didnt sell any cases today. but dreamed i did. thats usually the case. bummer... i have high aspirations to be the top sales person in utah. which is not hard, as im the only one here right now. but supposedly we are hiring new reps. and im nervous. i dont want to be booted out of a job.

anyway. no news on the prank call. weird, eh?

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