Tuesday, January 10, 2006

a new home

o boy blog!!! do i have pictures for you today or what?!?

last saturday nathan and i drove out to Eagle Mountain (EM) to see how our new lil home is coming. the whole first floor was built.

over there on the left is the garage (obviously) and then there is a window which allows a view into the powder room ;o). then the front door. there is a little patio there, with a few steps, but nothing spectacular.

this is me standing in the aforementioned powder room. nathan is standing in the family room taking the picture into the living room and powder room.

this here is essentially the same picture, without me in it. you can see how LONG the house is. to the right is the kitchen. the downstairs is L shaped.

this is nathan in the kitchen. behind him you can see our pantry. not big at all ;o( and not to mention it sticks out of my wall. why couldnt they have put it under the stairs?! next to that is the garage door, where we will put a doggie door for gus-gus. i am standing in the sliding glass door area.

and here i am standing in that sliding glass door way. behind me is our view. isnt it perfect?!

what is this?? you ask dear blog. a fully built lil house. yes. i went back today when my appointments canceled, and came upon this lovely site. i didnt go inside - because as you can see - there were men working. but you can look thru the top windows and see they have framed up stairs. i am very very very excited. i am sure nathan is too - but he is very tired. he has been working very hard at his new job lately. tuesday wednesday and thursday he works 13 hour days - but he has worked mondays and fridays and a saturday since hes been moved to team lead. its the new medicare prescription plan and some plan for michigan that is keeping him so busy.

anyway - i am off to vegas this weekend for fun with jojo. i will post pictures next week blog. dont miss me too much.

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