Sunday, January 01, 2006

o blog. i didnt forget you. despite my lack of writing. even nathan noticed that i havent been updating. things have just gotten busy i guess.

we went to another jazz game. against the detroit pistons. and the jazz won. and i was happy. i won tickets on 1280 the zone. i also won a free snowmobile rental from bear river lodge or something like this. i wonder if we will ever use it?

we spent christmas in boston, as usual. and it was fun to see the festivities thru nathan's new eyes. he had never experienced that which is the five days of fun at grandmas house. unfortunately, it looks as if grandpa has leukemia. and that makes me very sad. i cried a lot, where no one would see me. i love my grandpa very much, and it makes me sad to see him so sick. none the less we all had a good time. my mum bought apples to apples for the family and we all played together. nathan, rachel, and i went on a historical walking tour of boston one day when it was unseasonably warm. i was surprised that ravhel really enjoyed her self, and sad because nathans feet pretty much hurt all day. but still ... we had a good time.

i am now at my parents cabin. i rang in the new year with my parents, my sister and her bpyfriend. nathan is at home in slc, because he had to work. nathan also got a promotion at work!!! he is now a manager of a team of people who take calls. hes so amazing. i am so proud of him. something like 8 people applied for the 3 positions, and they all had been with the company for over 7 months. nathan has only been there just over a month or so. and he still got the job. ;o) hes so dreamy!!!

anyway things are going really well ... i just wanted to do a quick fill in ...

i am going to vegas to see some friends from college in a couple of weeks, which i am SO excited for. jojo is pretty much my closest lil friend, and it will be fun to go out with her again. of course that does mean i will be leaving nathan at home again for another weekend. my mum says hes going to start feeling like a bachelor again if im not careful ;o)

i will post some lover-ly pictures soon too. until then ...

happy new year

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