Tuesday, February 14, 2006

couldnt life be easier?

i was just thinking of paris.

blog, i wish i could find my pictures to share with you.
my first day in paris i was alone and i was a wreck. my last day was a wreck too, in fact. but i spent the days after the first with my friend, with amber. and we have stories to tell forever now that make up for the wreck of the first day.

i am missing the irish lub. we all made it clear when we left our small yellow apartment that none of us keep in touch well. and i am probably the worst. i just wish we could all live down the hall from one another again. no emailing, phoning, or writing. just good old fashioned calling from one room to the next ... life just seemed easier then.

blog, i think it is hard to make friends when you are married. nathan is my priority, obviously. and almost all of the time i want to be with him. but sometimes i just want to be with a girlfriend. and sometimes nathan just wants me to leave him alone ;o). but i meet with old peeps all day. and i moved to a new city, that i am going to leave in less than a month anyway. maybe they are all just excuses. but i do know that i am lonely here. so is nathan. we miss our families and our friends. moving is hard, ive decided. it was hard to move to arizona. but nathans family was there, and he had friends we could spend time with. but that move, on top of this one ... all in less than a year i think is really eating at me. i am happy to be in utah. its beautiful here. and in fact i was in EM today, and i love it there. i love our new home.
but there are days ... there are days when i wish it were just easier.
dont we all, blog?

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