Sunday, February 12, 2006

movin' right along!

o blog. yesterday was an amazing day!! nathan and i stopped by some old peeps houses to pick up some applications - which would be a good day all in itself, but then we headed to good ole EM. we were semi-afraid, because on thursday night we went to EM and nathan made footprints in the cement of the kitchen where the tile was going. we thought perhaps that he had set back the tile-man, and we wouldnt have tile in our kitchen. so we held our breath as we pulled up to the house. and oh, what a sight!!

here you can see that all the vinyl is on. the rock is on as well down below, and they have painted our front door bordeaux (thats actually just burgandy - but it sounds much more posh to say ...and spell... bordeaux)

next we walked into the front door. and this might look goofy, but underneath all that paper is american cherry wood floors. as you can see the wood goes into the downstairs bath as well. speaking of the downstairs bath - we met some of our neighbors - and they essentially said that having a downstairs powder room was silly. i wanted to say ... you are silly ... you will have to walk upstairs to your bathroom. MUHAHAHAHA. but i didnt. i just nodded my head. and felt stupid.

then the next room is the family room - and that will be carpeted, so there is nothing there. but then next is the kitchen. with our fatty b. fatty 20 in camelot beige tiles. check em out:

oh yes. and we got our cabinets in. in the next two days we will get our granite countertops in. they are called tropic brown. its going to look loverly! below are some close ups of our tiles:

on to the upstairs ... we got our railing, so i feel much safer now ...

the master bath has been tiled as well. also, we have the cabinets in (double vanity, wha what!). we brought a lil arizona into our home with these "arizona noche" small tiles:

this is the back of our house. you can see the reflection of EM back there, and DANG! a hottie patody reflection of me.

the end, blog. the end.

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