Sunday, February 05, 2006

new house pics

well, after a week in vegas i am home - and nathan and i went to EM to check on the house. we asked our field construction manager to fix the speaker wiring because they are in all the wrong places. but ... they didnt. and i got mad and said *im not paying for this!!* but its only $60, so o well. but nathan said we wouldnt pay it anyway ;o) end of the story: they said they are still going to fix it ... but mostly i dont believe them.

also - our cabinets should be put in this week. all the vinyl-ing on the sides should be done. they only have one side of the house left really. annnd ... thats about it. this week i was pretty happy about the progress. here are the pictures:

this is the kitchen looking into the family room. those lil pipes stickin up is where the kitchen sink will go. and to the right you can see the pantry.

nathan is now standing in the family room looking towards the front door/bathroom door/living room. i think putting the bathroom downstairs was a really good idea. but thats just me.

also - can you see that our corners are rounded? well .... they are. and thats just special ;O)

ok so this is a pretty goofy picture. but i was so surprised to see these HUGE doors, i had to take the picture. these are the doors to our laundry closet - its not really a room. anyway - usually what goes here is those four paneled doors that kind of accordian together. but these look so much more sophisticated because they are the two paneled roman smooth doors - i LOVE them.

here is a view from the loft down the stairs. you can see on the right where the holders are for the maple alder banister. nathan really really wanted that ... so he got it. only because i love him so much, and i really make all the decisions.

i took more pictures ... but they arent very good. this gives a good idea of how the house is coming tho... we are pretty excited. and thats the story.

ps. i am sad the seahawks lost.

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