Saturday, March 18, 2006

sleep deprivation

o blog. i havent been sleeping lately. and its really getting to be annoying. i can feel the tired-ness in my bones. but i lay down, and its like the never ending story in my head. and i dont mean that weird movie. i just mean a constant flow of thoughts.

the house has come along in top form. for the most part it is all painted (with the exception of a few walls) and it is almost all done being unpacked. unfortunately, in the move we lost a box. it was our flatware. and my paper towel roll holder thingee. and my sugar container. and my cookie sheets. i feel like this all could not have fit into one box - but i just cant imagine losing two kitchen boxes. however, we may be missing a MB box as well. thats master bedroom - i labeled each and every box: K, O, MB, and B for kitchen, office, master bedroom, and bath respectively. we cant find nathan's clippers. but i am ABSOLUTELY sure they were not in a box alone - so we must be missing other things. well, not missing them, because i dont even know what "they" are, but you understand blog. you always do.

i momentarily thought that if i wrote out all my thoughts, then i could go to bed without thinking, and POOF be asleep. but in my aging years, i have much hesitation in writing my deepest thoughts down, especially for the world to see. when i was 17 and my thoughts revolved around which boy in my class was the cutest, it wasnt so bad. who cares if billy is cuter than johnny? i sure as heck dont anymore. mostly because im married to the cutest man in the world - so there is no discussion any more ;o)

i have a flat tire, blog. thats safe for internet reading. i dont know where the closest tire shop is to our home. the annoyances of moving. we googled tire stores for MINUTES, blog ... MINUTES. but, to no avail. the closest tire shop seems to be at the highway - a half hour away. i thought maybe if i kept trying different towns near me, and spelling them differently, id get a closer shop. i was wrong. and i was sad.

on a completely different note: i think i like being a hermit. all these neighbors have come to introduce themselves. and today a woman came with a goodie basket of candy, and a note with her address and phone number,and all her kids' names and ages. i thought, well jeeze, i must be behind the times with introductions. i thought it was just a meet and greet with a handshake and a nice to meet you. apparently i was wrong. and i didnt like it. i dont like being underdressed. and blog, thats how i felt. underdressed for the party. maybe i just dont want to be at the party anymore. and therefore, i think i will send nathan to all introductions to feel them out for me. and if i feel like i can come prepared with the right ensemble, then i will. otherwise, i will hermitize. its my new word. hermitize.

soon, i will post pictures of the new abode. mostly to show off. because im pretty proud of me and nathan. and why not. sometimes you just gotta brag. puff yourself up a bit.
yup. blog. thats the ticket. thats the ticket.

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JennBurrows said...

i know this is a little late, but can always be tucked away for future knowledge, hehe . . . there is a big o tires in lehi off main by the freeway. i think they charge $10 to fix a flat. i don't know if there are any car care places out @ the crossroads yet.

- Jenn