Friday, April 07, 2006

H to the IZZO

one time i was on the strip in an expedition limo with my best friend ann. we were being chauffeured. whenever we saw someone interesting we would stop and chat - maybe even ask them if they wanted to hop in.

my then-current favorite song came on the radio as we pulled up next to a car full of knowledgeable fellas. it goes like this:

H the the IZZO
V to the IZZA
for shizzle my nizzle ... so on and so forth

and i say "what the heck are they spelling? hizzo vizza. what is that?!" and these guys rollin in their escalade with their chrome rims and what not say " naw. its HOVA. like je-hova. like the god of rap."
and then it all made sense.

jay-z thinks he is god. at least the god of rap.

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