Monday, September 11, 2006


i read an article that said many people are remembering september 11th, but most arent crying.
i cried. but im extra emotional. so ::shrug::
pretty much the whole way to work, blog, i cried. and then i got to work and was watching the reading of the names ... and blog, i cried some more.
i dont really remember crying on that day (although i'd be surprised if i didnt)
i really dont remember much of that day - except my psychology teacher didnt believe it, and waited for the dean to come and tell us to go back to our dorms (only 16 minutes into class)...sitting on a step stool watching the tele with my brand new friends, with whom i had only been in school less than a month. and then i remember hours later my parents finally getting a free line into dc to reach me. and then not sleeping for days.

i am not sure what else to write. i felt the urge. ive been MIA, dear friend blog, and i guess i thought today was a good of a day as any to write something. i am sad for all that families and friends that lost someone that day. it just makes me sad that so many other people are sad. blog, i feel like my heart could burst.

perhaps after i eat and shower i will have more meanigful things to say. but for now, i will leave it at simply venting. thanks blog .. for being there :o)

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