Tuesday, October 03, 2006

work has been especially difficult lately - i feel like there is a lack of caring in my office place. my opinions and concerns are not met with priority - in fact they are not met at all. and its really beginning to bug. i am an intelligent person, i have ideas and solutions to some of our daily problems - but i feel looked upon as a peon, i know nothing of the big bad world of management, and i should get my nose out of it. in fact, i am fueling the feelings of dissention among my coworkers - but im pretty sure that that fire needs no fueling. people are mad, and they are going to leave. and then what will my company do? with 19,800 Chrysler retirees on the line waiting for us to sign them up for benefits.
i feel especially trapped, blog, as nathan is still in search of a job. it has been only a few weeks that things have been tight - but i feel as though its been years. my measley paycheck does not cover all our expenses - especially when i am spending over $200 a month in gas to get to and from my silly job. we need nathan to find a job with benefits - it is our top priority. he has had many interviews - to no avail. we have fasted and prayed - to no avail.

however, there is a bright spot among all this. in just over a week i am going to disneyland to celebrate my 24th birthday. and honestly, the 12th cant come fast enough. i just need to relax and get away from it all.

nathans family asked me for a birhtday list - and i just didnt feel comfortable asking for anything. honestly i just dont want or need anything. ive been feeling a lot of feelings of selfishness lately - and i just need to get back to who i am - and i dont think i am selfish. i used to care about people and the world and i would spend time volunteering to make this a better place. lately i just havent had the time or the energy to do these things - but i plan on making it happen soon. so, i just really wanted a hoodie that i htink my mum is getting me - and beyond that - i am good. i wish i could get nathan a job for my birthday - and thats all i really want.

anyway - we could use prayers and thoughts lately - as things just have been particularly rough lately. so those of you lurkers out there ... we appreciate it.

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Ada Chef said...

Please help Nathan to get a job.


Love you both, I'm thinking about you since I'm trying to find a job as well. It's for sucks.