Sunday, November 05, 2006

its been a while blog. its been a long while. and so much has happened. short.... we are moving to las vegas. nathan has had no luck in the job department. and when you have your health and life AND p&c license i just think its silly.

so we are off. we are renting out our lil home in EM - which i have yet to post pictures of (fully painted and decorated), and we are going home. well ... home for me blog.

i am really really excited. and nathan is being so wonderful about it. i guess the thing is, is that he knows how close i am with my family and he knows how much more happy i will be there. well, we think! plus, the weather is so much better for my arthritis. and oh blog, its getting to be unbearable. i wake up in pain - and what i mean is that the pain is so bad it wakes me from me fabulous wondrous sleep. and i HATE it.

there are so many things to write about lately. but just know this blog: i am back on the train.
can you keep a secret? i quit my job. i literally wanted to go to sleep and never wake up again if i had to go to work. the place oppressed me. they never listened to me. two weeks ago i was driving home from work hysterical. and im not even exaggerating. ask nathan. i was beyond consolable ... i had to decide what was more important: my emotional health or money. and while money had been my priority for weeks, it was no longer really an option. so last tuesday i quit. nathan and i worked a temp assignment together last week - and we hope to continue to do that for the next two months til we get the heck out of here. i felt the ton of bricks that was weighing me down lift from my shoulders. people were all asking me what was going on because i seemed so different. and my family - who does not know about all this mind you - even said i seemed really happy on the phone. i know that i put nathan and i in an even more rough position. we have never had so little $$ in our lives. but i know it is the right thing to do, and i know we will make it through all this.

my sister just wrote this to me:
BoRn2ShOp1330 (11:32:32 PM): thanks for being the leah in the story and letting me be the rachel.

shes a dork ... but i love her. i cant wait to be in vegas with her, blog. i just cant wait.

the end.

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