Saturday, November 18, 2006

last saturday in the SLC

this is my very last weekend in the SLC dear blog. so, in order to fully appreciate my last Saturday I took my AmEx points (because i dont have REAL money) and bought a $100 gift card to Benihana's and two tickets to the Jazz game VS the PHX Suns!
Nathan has never been to Benihanas before - and i thought a little "eatertainment" would be a fabulous way to celebrate our move to vegas. however, our cook was shy, and really didnt do any fun tricks or anything. so it was semi-disappointing. the food was good ;o) nathan had a lil steak and lobster and i had chicken and shrimp. and we shared. because we love each other blog. we also had a benihana roll - which is pretty similar to a cali roll ... and good for "beginners" our waitress said. I told her we were, so it was perfect. i dont know if that was true...but really thats all we wanted. so meh.
anyway - we headed to the jazz game. and nathan has never seen the suns play live before either. so this was a real treat for him. i, of course. LOVE LOVE LOVE the jazz. i said before the season started - this is the year ... the jazz are gonna break thru. and nathan and the man ringing us up at the new EM gas station just laughed at me and told me, nope the jazz suck. but, blog, i knew. i really really knew. and lo and behold, they have the best record in the league right now, sittin pretty at 9-1. o yeah. tonite - was no exception - we went into overtime, and it was loud and crazy. and everyone was on their feet and we were cheering - and suns couldnt pull it together and LOST. i mean - i just wanted to jump up and down. in fact, i did. i high fived the girls in front of me ... and we all just cheered our little hearts out ... except nathan. he was sad, blog. and that made me sad, for a minute. but then i was happy, because my team won.

it was a FABULOUS night.

blog o blog - what a way to leave the SLC.

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