Sunday, May 20, 2007


two years ago tomorrow morning, nathan and i got married.

he is my favorite person in the whole world. and i just wanted to let everyone know.
here are some reasons why:

hes really funny
and he watches silly shows with me like extreme makeover:home edition - and doesnt say anything when i cry for one hour straight.
and he makes killer diet shakes for me every morning
he loves my dog (even tho he pretends he doesnt)
and he lets me borrow my car when i run out of gas, and forget to leave early enough to fill up on the way to work (which i will have to do tomorrow)
we like to go on random drives together to look for new houses
oh yeah - and does almost everything i want to do. see exhibit A:
picture of nathan after riding a carnival ride that goes round and round. i LOVE these rides, and basically forced nathan to go with me
and hes just really cute ;O)

....we really are mfeo.....

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