Saturday, September 01, 2007

i just want to let everyone know - which i dont even know if there is anyone left - that i am about to get internet again (over 9 months after i moved into this nasty little house) ... and when i do ...


i will be back to blogging my little heart out.

plus - my absolutely fabulous husband bought me a new pentax. o heck yes. i am hopelessly devoted to the pentax brand - and i am so happy to finally have my very own digi slr.
so, that being said, i will be posting some new pictures.

until then - have a great labor day. put your feet up, kick back, and relax working america. its our day to celebrate.

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elizabeth said...

WELL! Nikkster, it's about freakin' time! To be honest, I stopped checking your blog in like April because you hadn't posted since December. I should get mad props for sticking around for 4ish months with no postings. I'm glad you are back.

P.S. Could you, like, e-mail me or something because this whole move to L.V. has me intrigued. Plus, I just miss you and Nathan.