Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy hallajaween

happy halloween!!!

I have some pics to share, dear blog. Both Nashdee and Gus were dressed up as well as Nathan and myself.

here is Gus Gus in all his BatDog glory:

then of course NashDee (or Nashty - whatever) was an angel - exactly what he is NOT!

i found a costume that did not make me look like a fat old frumpy lady - instead i went as a geisha. its just a little different :o)

also - on saturday - Nathan and Jordan and I went to a halloween party with my parents. Some pics are below :o) Jordan was Elvis - and you can see him dancing with the hostess who is dressed as Paris Hilton - just outta jail! My mum was a Cleopatra lady, and Nathan was a Dracula guy. My dad was Zorro - but most of the night he was MIA waiting to have his fortune told upstairs with the psychic.

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