Sunday, October 28, 2007

hello ladies and gentlemen.
i am back.
we got rid of dish network. and we got internet. it wasnt a necessary trade, but it means we dont pay anymore out each month in bills. and we really arent watching the tele anymore.
except the office of course!!!

last night we went to a halloween party. jordan came up from arizona for the weekend. and we all dressed up and went to this AMAZING house on the other side of town. nathan was a vampire - or as he likes to say "a dracula". jordan went as elvis. and the ladies LOVED it!!!! and i was a geisha. i will post some pics soon so you can see. but it was mighty fun to get dressed up.
it had been years since ive dressed up - halloween is hands down my favorite holiday, and we always like to seriously decorate the house - but never myself :o)

friday night we just stayed up really late playing my brand new wii. we rented a game called playground - and it was AWESOME! we played tetherball, dodgeball, paper airplanes. its cool.

its always fun when jordan comes up to play. i hope that he finds a fabulous lady friend to hang out with us soon. ladies - check him out -

thats all i have to say for now. but i have so much to blog about. so be prepared to get caught up :o)

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