Friday, November 23, 2007

happy thanksgiving!!!

we came down to the big AZ for the weekend - and it has been so much fun.

i really love being a part of the Dee family. i really enjoy watching all the brothers get together and mess with each other. it always makes me laugh, and keeps me happy.

after thanksgiving dinner we had a family bracket wii tennis tourney. mike and mitch rigged it so they were playing the easiest teams to make it into the finals. but once there, they lost to nathan and kirsten. so - i guess no harm no foul. i will post some pics when i get home.

today we took family pictures - and the guy took like 1150 pictures. im not even exaggerating - like i sometimes do - literally 1150 pictures.
i hope at least one looks good :o)

i will post pics and write more once home - just a quick update lil blog.

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