Thursday, November 01, 2007

its basketball season!!!

the suns played the first game of the season tonite against the seattle sonics. and they flippin won. and really there isnt much else you need to know.

oh yeah. except - why is steve nash growing a mullet????
this is the only pic i could get from tonites game, and it doesnt adequately show what i was STARING at all night on my boyfriends head:

my second boyfriend - as i told nathan, im keeping them in the wings - marcus banks, may become my numero uno boyfriend if the nash rambler doesnt fix his hair. anyway marcus was on FIRE tonite. he scored 12 points in 14 minutes. thats my boy!!!

the new kid on the block this year - durant - who is playing for the sonics - was really good tonite. not enough to take my boys to cleaners or anything. but, he did score 27 points. i guess i just felt like i needed to mention that.

ok....i cant stop thinking of this mullet thing - i mean Steve, i named my DOG after you. and now this? this is how you repay me? by growing a mullet?!?!

i am just going to have to sleep this off. tomorrow, we play the lakers. and im sure we will dominate. i would really love to see us just kick kobe's cheating behind. we will see ... we will see.

but until then ... good night blog.

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