Saturday, November 10, 2007

the legend of zelda on a saturday night

so .. blog .. i got a wii for my birthday. and on the wii you can buy old NES games - so for example i bought mario bros. and it was amazing. just like when i was seven and i got my first nintendo.

i never had the game zelda. and so - as surprising as this may be to some people - i never played it before. but nathan remembered if from his childhood, and so we bought that as well.

so let me just set the stage for you - it is 1135pm. saturday night. we are a young, hip couple. no kids. you get the idea. so what exciting thing are we doing??? oh, i am reading walk thrus and cheats from the google on how to beat zelda level 5. im not just reading them for myself - no im reading them out loud to nathan so he can use the directions to try and beat a castle we have been playing for - o i dont know - two hours. TWO HOURS!!!! we are insane. and sad. and lonely people. haha.

we keep saying - this is the last time. we are done. but inevitably we die - and then we try try again.

but im serious now. we have to be done. for tonite anyway. but as i write these sentences, nathan is pressing "continue" and playing again. we will be here all night.

"how do you get to carnegie hall?? practice. practice. practice." i dont think we are taking this show to carnegie any time soon - but you get my drift.

nathan says that no one has ever beaten this level. i told him that they had to - people are writing about it on the google. but he says "they are making shiz up. like wayne brady"

i thought that was really funny. but unless you are on the strip and driving by wayne brady's sign for his show at the venetian pretty often - then maybe it wouldnt be funny to anyone else.

meh. thats why me and nathan are mfeo.

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