Wednesday, November 07, 2007

so my boys lost to the lakers.
it was depressing.

we went to buffalo wild wings again to watch the game. and our waitress had the audacity to tell us that she is a lakers fan - and THEN...and THEN sit there next to us cherring them on.
i wanted to say - hey lady, did you want us to tip you tonite?!?!
meh. we tipped her. and we left. sad and defeated.

i just saw tonites score - they lost to the hawks. the hawks?!?! stupid joe johnson (traitor) left the suns for that silly losing team. and the suns lost?! steve ... cut your hair. its bad luck.
cut the mullet! cut the mullet! (typed in a chanting tune)

anyway ... we have been at "the mansion" this week babysitting freckles.
her frenemies (GusGus and NashDee) are here. she loves them... but she hates them. she wont drink out of the same bowl as them, and she wont go to the bathroom if they are outside at the same time as her. so basically she hates having to share her house with them. but too bad old lady dog. you want company while mom and dad are away? then you got it. me nathan and our little dogs too!

i love being at the mansion, because i like to pretend i really live here. and that i have the kind of money it takes to live in a home like this. i should probably mention right now, that this house is not REALLY a mansion. just a nice home. but much to big for just two people and their dog. my parents said .. we were thinking about downsizing, but we wouldnt have room for everything. i am thinking - how can 2 people need 3600 sq feet ?!? but i suppose i could find good use for it all too .. so who am i to talk?

speaking of fabulous houses, blog ... keep your fingers crossed. we may be buying a house on saturday. if its not already sold. we will finally live in a one story if all goes to plan. and my little knees can stop hurting so much. also ... speaking of keeping fingers crossed ... i applied for a provider relations job at aetna. so - uhm - keep them crossed for that too.
a new job and new house would seriously make my day.

i have to get to bed. freckles is crying. NashDee is restless. and gus - well hes just gus - waiting patiently for me. ;o)

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