Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ben and debbie

over thanksgiving i told ben and debs they should start a blog, because i just dont get to hear enough about what is going on with them and the kids.

so i said, "hey guys! you should write all the funny things you and kids say and do on a blog. just go to blogger.com. thats where i do my blog"

and they did. ;o)

so now you can read my brother and sister in law's blog here:


ps. i probably shouldnt take all this credit for getting them to start a blog. but , uhm, i probably will anyway hohoho :o)

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Ben and Debbie said...

Holy crap! I'm on your blog! Actually, you can take all the credit. You are the one that convinced me it'd be a good way to keep in touch with fam. Already I get to see more of what you guys are doing too! Love ya!