Saturday, December 01, 2007

i am the god of thunder

no, blog. i did not spend ALL day playing Ultimate Alliance. I did other things, like clean the house and set up my Christmas tree and decorations.

but, mostly, i played ultimate alliance. nathan and i beat the game today. its pretty sad that the thing that i blog most about is not my photography hobby - or my love of art - or even what movies we've seen. nope. i blog about our OBSESSION with beating WII games.

and we are obsessed. lets not kid ourselves. my eyes are BURNING from staring at the tele for so long. but the fruits of our labor are well worth the small inconveniences like a sore back and neck.

i played as Thor - the god of thunder - for most of the game. i started out at captain america. but he turned out to be totally lame, and i was much better as a 6'6 blonde haird blue eyed norwegian.

nathan was deadpool - i honestly have no idea what comic character that is - what his super powers are, or who his superhuman friends are. but what i do know - is nathan OWNED that character. he could shoot people up - and it was really helpful in our final battles.

sometimes, i would bring elektra or storm in to help us out. but most of the time they sucked. and i have to admit, that girl super heros are just not as good. if my husband said that - or any other man for that matter - id scream about how unbelievably wrong it is to judge the girl characters that way. but - they really did stink - maybe i just didnt know how to use their special powers.

anyway, blog, thats it for tonite. im off to get some yummy hot chocolate!!!

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