Tuesday, December 11, 2007

nathans christmas came early

its pretty hard to get nathan to do things for me around the house as it is.
but now that his christmas present has arrived, its as if i dont exist. well i mean i exist, he just cant hear me ......

this is nathan ... listening to his new ipod nano. he sees me writing this and wants to know what is going on - what am i writing about him!?!?! now that he knows, he wants me to inform you that its 8 gigs, and black. YESSSSSSSSSSS

as you can see, blog, he is very happy. i, however, have to him listen pretend to know all the words to multiple Beatles songs. that might not sound so bad - except when he sings like "....idascope eyes .... mhmmm in the sky with diamonds....bow diggity dow"

he has now moved to creedence. "mhmmm hmmmm hmmm sunny day. I KNOW. smmm like the water. i wanna know have you ever seen the rain. i wanna know have you ever seen the rain...hmm.. coming down sunny day. dun dundun dun dun. days before. sun is cold rain is hot ik now been that way all my lif..time ... hmmh i dont know the words here...hmmm tmmmm gmmm I KNOW! i wanna know .... !!!"

hahaha what a freaking goof. he actually sang the words, "i dont know the words here"

thanks matt, marian and dan - for this ... ahem ... fabulous gift of music in our home.


NateDee said...

Lest you forget my dear wifey, you always complain that I don't sing enough for you. Now, you are set. And I do plenty of stuff around the house. I eat...bathe...I even play with doggies. ;) J/K I am still working on those loads of laundry from a week ago. Thankfully I love you and take care of you so well, else you would have to leave me.

Ben and Debbie said...

You guys are hilarious! I love his interpretation of the Beatles songs! Aaaaagh, Nathan, you are so silly. Although, I tend to have a few questionable lyrics that Ben likes to mock me about.

Kevin said...

Who are the Beatles? I have no Beatles on my Ipod Nano... am I out of touch with coolness or are the Beatles just not... Cool?
Keep singing to her Nate... It makes her happy.