Saturday, January 19, 2008

Election '08

blog, i just did my public duty as a citizen of this country - and i caucused. if thats a word. and i called my grandma while it was happening!! (see above) i dont really blog about political issues, because people ( and that really means me ) get really heated. my blog is a place for fun and laughter. but this was just too good to pass up.

so, id like to share some photos of said caucus. we were on our way, and nathan said, "how do we get there" and i said... follow that car!!

i could just tell this lady was on her way to caucus. we were to go to palo verde high school - and it was really crowded. here we are still on our way:

turning into the school parking lot:

while walking in the action news team was there from channel 13. nathan wanted his picture with them, but i said no. im so mean.

once we got there we were directed to our area. some precincts were in classrooms, some were in the cafeteria. we were in the gym!

you can see all the people filing in to either register (like us) or just to sign in and get their voting card. both nathan and i were registered independents. i have so many varying opinions, i couldnt hold myself to a party. but we really wanted to be part of this historic event, so we switched parties and voted. to switch to republican you had to do it a month in advance, but luckily the dems let you make last minute switches :o)

once all your precinct is there, you seperate into groups for the person you are voting for. i bet you know who this lady is for:

i thought my grandma would really enjoy that picture!

anyway, once we all stood up in our sections, we had to vote first for a permanent chair. then we had to vote for a precinct secretary. i dont know why we had to do that. but we did. THEN, they counted out how many people were in each candidates section. we had 51 for Obama. and there were 61 for Hillary. there were 5 who were other candidates or undecided. so based on our total precinct number (118 - one lady left early...weird) each candidate had to have 19 people in their group to be considered "viable". only a viable candidate can send delegates to the big all day conference on feb. 23rd. since the other candidates didnt have 19 people, our chosen rep and hillarys chosen rep got to go over and try and convince the 5 others to come to their group. they had 15 minutes. 4 of them went to hillary, and 1 came to obama. so their votes were tallied in - and then based on some math our newly elected permanent chair did , we were assigned a number of delegates. we get to send 4 delegates, and hillary gets to send 5 from our precinct. THEN - we had to vote who from our group would be our delegates. so we had 6 people in obamas group who wanted to be delegates. two people got enough votes to be picked. but then there was two people who each got 4 votes. to break a tie in iowa, they use straws. here in vegas, we use cards. aces are high, and highest card wins. there was a man and a woman, and the women chooses her card - a six. the man chooses - a six! so they reshuffle the deck and:

another 6! you can see her surprise. but then .. what does he choose?? ANOTHER 6!!! i think we were all getting a little tired, and so the now-permanent chair says, if you'd like to vote to send BOTH of these people to the conference raise you hand. and we did. and then he threw the cards in the air and told us we could go home.

that was our day at the caucus.


Ben and Debbie said...

Wow, sounds complicated. What happens if your chosen delegates don't show up on the big conference day? This is the first year I've been interested in politics. I've never gotten into it before, but I'm having fun reading about all the candidates this year. I wish I could go to our caucus this year, but I'm hoping that my unborn child will have read it's eviction notice by then. :)

nikki said...

dont worry ... there is no caucus in utah. its just a primary election - so you just go and vote on paper (or computer) ;o) im pretty sure your primary is on tuesday ;o)