Wednesday, January 30, 2008

sleep deprived

i cant sleep ... nathan and i went to bed at 630 pm ... which i only agreed to if we could lay in bed and look at houses online in bed.

so for an hour we did ... and we looked at lots of houses. we finally got an offer on our house in utah, and we can get rid of it and be done with it. which also means ... we can buy a house in vegas. YAY!!!! i have been looking forward to purchasing a home here in vegas for a whole year. and i just cant wait to find something fabulous ... ok well lets not lie. i have found something fabulous, its just a matter of being able to convince nathan we can afford it :o)

i should really sleep ... since i have to be up at 530 to go to the gym. but its just one of those nights i guess. i tried turning on a movie upstairs, but my mind just wouldnt shut off. i am thinking that we need to get a pet sitter for while we are in dc. and i am thinking that humana made the wrong plane reservations for my "spirit of success" training in louisville, ky. and im thinking who would take the last freaking water bottle from the fridge and not say anything. o wait that was me at 545 this morning. but now im sooooo thirsty and i have nothing to drink ... its so sad. i could really cry.

so for those of you who dont keep up on the weight loss blog - well, the weight loss is happening, which is good. and im bound and determined to do lots of water sports this summer. i want to go to the ocean and kayak again, i want to go to lake and tube, and i want to float down the salt river. to do all these things, it require i fit my fat bum in a swimsuit. so i have been looking at swimsuits that i think would be nice to have ....

so obviously, i will not look like these ladies ... but im thinking that any one of these would be nice. im kinda leaning to the one in the middle. but we will see.
on this note i am really going to try to sleep, so i can get up to the gym tomorrow.

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Ben and Debbie said...

Yeah! You got an offer on your house! That's exciting. I completely understand your obsession to find a house. When Ben and I decided to move up to UT I became completely obsesses with finding the perfect house. I wish you luck! Apparently Las Vegas is a great place to buy right now, at least that's the rumor on the street.

I like the bathing suit in the middle too. Who makes it? Ben's hoping to win the Hawaii trip again this year and I'm thinking I'd rather die than be in a bathing suit 3 months after having a baby. But I really like that middle one!