Tuesday, January 29, 2008

i got tagged

Rules of the game:

1. Rules of the game are posted at the beginning of post.
2. The player lists 6 facts/habits about themselves
3. At the end of the post the players then tags 6 other bloggers, and posts their names.

1) I didn't get a pedicure until I was 21 years old. It's true. I HATE people touching my feet - and I could not even think about paying someone to touch my feet. I finally gave in the spring of 2004. I went to Albion, Michigan to visit some of my flat mates from Ireland. Kelsey was going to college there, and me and two other flatmates flew there to have a little reunion of sorts. We decided a good day time activity would be pedicures, and so I gave in. These girls had been with me for many of firsts and lasts - and it just seemed right.

2) Speaking of lasts - and my Irish lub (as i call them) - my last drink was in that same spring of 2004. My flatmates and I drove from Albion,MI to Ohio to go see our favorite singer in concert - Damien Rice. We stopped at a really trashy liquor store and bought some beers. We downed them in parking lot - and got a little buzzed - headed into the concert where we sang along, cheered really loud, and cried a lot. And now, I've been sober over 3 and half years.

3) I have an obsession with celebrity gossip. In fact, as I am writing this I am watchin TMZ. Most of the gossip I've already heard and read - but it's good to see it actually play out on tv.

4) I clean when I'm mad. I just go nuts. and I'll do ridiculous things like clean the junk drawer out, clean it, and then put the stuff back in in some pretend organized manner. I'm not as bas as I used to be - but I think partially because I'm not in my "own" home right now - so I don't feel like its mine, and so I dunno I dont feel like cleaning it as much.

5) I have traveled to 7 countries outside of the US. I have been to Ireland, England, France, Scotland, Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada. I should have been to more. My dad offered to send me to another country every weekend while I lived abroad. But, I wanted to spend time with my friends in Ire instead. Part of me regrets not traveling more - but what fun would traveling alone be? not much, in mi opinion.

6)_ I have probably seen the original Star Wars trilogy and the movie Dave 50 times (each). I know its insane. But I cannot fall asleep without the tele on. So i spent many many nights on the couch while Nathan slept all alone upstairs. Finally Nathan gave in, missing me too much, and agreed to put on a movie every night when we go to bed. So, we watch Dave and Star Wars all the time. and we always start where were ended the next night - so we see the whole movie.

and thats that.
i dont have 6 people to tag .... so i tag liz, ann, and nathan

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Ben and Debbie said...

I'm so glad you finally posted! Where have you been?? :) I'm glad you got my tag. It was fun reading what you said. I'm so jealous that you have traveled so much! I don't even think I could say I've been to 7 states in the US!