Saturday, January 05, 2008

i love my grandpa

grandpa made his decision to stop blood transfusions. this means he will be lacking in oxygen, his blood count will go down - and then the inevitable. this is pretty hard for everyone in the family. it is what it is, i suppose. and i cant really seem to articulate any feelings about this subject matter.

all i can really say, is im sad. very sad. and really its the only word that keeps coming to mind.

my parents flew to boston yesterday afternoon, so they could be with grandpa. rachel has been able to "ichat" with him. when i went to her house to try, it wouldnt work. so that really sucked. we were supposed to do it again, but i guess rachel is going to cali for the weekend ... so no luck for me. i just keep calling him, and telling him i love him.

and i do. i love you grandpa.

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