Wednesday, January 30, 2008

shoot em up, cowboy

my fans have spoken. they want more blog.

so an update .... this weekend we went to arizona to visit nathans family. on saturday morning the whole family went to skeet shoot. i dont even know if that is what we did ... or if that is the correct gramatics ... but none the less. you get the point.

i have never shot a shot gun. last january was my first time shooting a handgun - with this same group (give and take a few) - and last saturday they were all trying to convince me to shoot a big fatty long gun ... and i didnt really think i was going to but ...

so just a note to those some few who worry for my safety - i have not turned into a gun toting, walking thru the streets shooting anything that moves kinda gal. in fact - after the first shot, i started sobbing. that thing is intense. but i ended up shooting 8 rounds, and hit 3 "birds" ... o yeah, and i dont shoot aminals. they were made of clay. and they looked like frisbees, not birds. how can you feel bad about shooting a frisbee (please accept my apolgy in advance, you frisbee loving freaks).

check out this one last fantastic shot of matt shooting a "bird"

and thats what i did this weekend ... shot stuff up.

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