Sunday, February 24, 2008

105 and going strong

nana, my great grandma, turned 105 on the 17th. shes pretty freaking awesome. we got her a cake ... and she seemed pretty happy about it

she got flowers .... which we put one behind her ear - because all 105 year old women want to look like 6 year old flower girls ....then we sang YMCA ... also something that all 105 year olds want to sing and dance

and then we took a family photo ...

i love my family

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Talon & Annie Webb said...

Wow, this in incredible and amazing at the same time! I send my congrats on a life well lived!

Thanks for your comment on my grocery bag post...I just noticed it a minute ago, so I apologize! :) Thanks for visiting the blog. And now we are facebook friends, teehee! Hope you guys are both doing great!