Sunday, February 24, 2008

airport life

i spent a lot of time in airports in the last couple of weeks.
i left for dc on the 5th. i flew from las vegas to detroit. spent two hours there .. then on to reagan national.
when i left dc, i had to go to louisville for training for my new (fabulous) job. so from reagan i flew to cleveland. that flight was late. so i was worried id miss my connection .. but luckily my flight was late there also. so i spent almost two hours in cleveland. and then flew on to louisville.
after my one day of training, i flew from louisville to houston. did you know it snows in louisville? i was unaware. but it made me over an hour late leaving ... so when i landed in houston at 930 pm, my flight to las vegas was already gone. and did you know that the last flights from houston INTERNATIONAL airport stop at 9 pm. and did you know that their restaraunts close sometime before then too. and did you know that continental is not going to give you a hotel voucher, a food voucher, or put up cots for you to sleep on? so the next flight wasnt till 930 am ... and our whole plane of people missed their connections. whether it was to vegas, portland ... wherever. i couldnt believe they expected people to just pop themselved up on an airport chair for 12 hours and make it work. so i got mad and i yelled. i had just found out grandpa had passed away like 2 hours earlier, and i just was not in the mood to freaking hear that nonsense. i did stay at the days inn. where they gave me a free pouch of toothpaste and a free comb. so i guess you could call me lucky.
the next morning in houston, our flight left an hour late - and after a while in the air, the pilot got on to tell us that 20 minutes after we took off, they suspended all flights from houston for some weather. i would have been so mad ... but again, i guess you could call me lucky.
i got back to vegas - where two days later i was on a plane to boston for granpas funeral.
so i think i was in ... 7 airports in 9 days. yupp. its that serious.

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