Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Frank DeRosa

on Monday, grandpa Frank passed away. I know we have all been expecting it. it was a waiting game. But, when I heard, I just wasn't ready. I just dont think there is any way to properly prepare yourself for the death of someone you love so dearly. we are on our way to andover tomorrow for services and to be with the family.

Grandpa used to let me dance on his feet. we'd be in the living room and i'd step on and he'd dance me around. some of his favorite things to say to me and rachel were "dont ..." and then insert any action word here. "dont you kiss me", "dont jump on the bed" , "dont dance around the room". you get the idea blog. and of course, rachel and i would kiss him, jump and dance everywhere. he'd always wait til he shaved to ask for morning kisses, because he knew we didnt like the "sharpies". i dont know who called them that first - but still at christmas, while at the hospital sick - he wanted to shave. wanted to look good, keep in his habits, and make sure he didnt have any sharpies.

grandpa loved to wear clothing that had our pictures on it. you know the goofy kiosks at the mall where they will take some horrid picture of you and put it on a mug, mouse pad and sweatshirt for $50. he loved it. he loved us. theres no doubt. in fact, a few christmases ago, rachel and i had put off getting gifts til the last minute - as usual - and decided on dec 24th, to go outside in the winter weather, and take pictures, and then head to ROSS for some frames - and gave our family some impromptu photo sessions shots. grandpa headed outside, in a white sweatshirt, with a picture of rachel on the front - and started snapping pictures of me and rachel doing silly stuff. and we took some pictures with him too, in his goofy, but loved, sweatshirt. he would do anything for us - go out in the cold cold winter and take pictures of us for christmas presents. he used to go in the basement and play with us and take hikes with us in the woods behind the house. he would watch us put on ridiculous magic shows, or dance routines, or listen to us sing in our not so perfect voices. i cant ever remember my grandpa saying no.

what a great grandpa. we are going to miss him so much.

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