Sunday, February 24, 2008

go green!

so i have a million things to blog about ... but first ...
i said to nathan this morning that im so mad i fell out of my more environmental friendly ways ... and i want to get back into the habit. like por ejemplo, when we moved here there were no recycling bins. and i never called to get any .... and so we havent been recycling. HOW SAD.
so i ordered those this morning.
then i said we need to get reusable grocery bags, because i never take the plastic ones back to be recycled, so all im doing is filling land fills with plastic bags.
nathan then asked me if i had read his friend annie's blog.... which i hadnt ... but she too blogged about her want to be more 'green'. she had some really cute bags on her blog, but she said they were liek 14$ a piece.

so i bought mine today and i got 5 bags for 34.50. not too bad - and they say they can fit about what 2 regular plastic bags would hold. they are the "retro" stylee - because im not really into flowers. so on my next shopping excusion - i will be using my new fabulous reusuable bags!!! and per their website - cameron diaz uses these bags too .. wha what!!


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