Tuesday, February 05, 2008

masterpiece day

i have spent most of my day wasting time.

i was going to paint today - and you know - make some amazing masterpiece, that after i die, and years later, ends up on antique roadshow, and appraises at like 125 k. prit much, we saw that happen last week when we were watching - yea we watch antique roadshow, whats it to ya?
anyway ... i was going to do this masterpiece ... and then my bed said "no!!! come lay down a little longer" and i did.

youre probably wondering, blog, how it is that i got to go back to bed today. well i will tell you. i am on a week vacation.

i spent yesterday cleaning house ... cleaning out my art closet. mostly to get myself prepared for "masterpiece day" - you know, today.
anyway, after some more time in bed, i got up and got on the facebook. where i proceeded to add a bunch of applications to see what kind of food im in the mood for, and who is the hottest of my friends, and crap like that. it took forever. and was totally not worth the time. o whatta waste.
anyway, i did manage to make it to the bank ... where i cashed my birthday check from OCTOBER!!! nathan and i seem to have this same problem. i cant name it ... but its like for example. just YESTERDAY i put in the mail a check to ben and debs for the house we stayed in for thanksgiving ( which the bought in like august or something) . not only did it take us months to send the check to begin with ... but we wrote the check on Dec 29th or something . and i just mailed it yesterday.
john and terry have given us checks for christmas. the last two years we didnt even cash them in time. so never got our money.
so i dont know what that problem is called .. but we have it.

anyway ... the rest of the week i will be in DC. i cant wait to show nathan my old university, and to go out to eat t fabulous restaurants, and see all the sites.

updates and pics when we get back!!

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Ben and Debbie said...

I love your paintings! I can't believe you've denied the world one of your masterpieces! Uuuugh. Maybe on some other masterpiece day. :)