Sunday, February 24, 2008

washington dc

just a warning ... there are mucho pictures in this post ;o)

see i didnt lie! we really did go to washington dc! this is us out at arlington - and we finally got the guts up to ask someone to take our picture. people are always really intimidated to take our picture, because i have a digi slr - and so people are like ... uhhhh ... and i tell them, no no its cool, its on auto focus, its just like a regular digi. but they are still weirdos. "so i just still just press this button?" yeah buddy. you can do it i have faith. ok im over it now.

nathan did a lot of contemplating in dc. he was there, after all, meet with congressmen about the issues we face in our current healthcare system - and the issues we could face with a completely government funded heathcare system. so below, please see "the contemplation series"

contemplation at the capitol

contemplation at arlington

contemplation of the space race

anyway ... in addition to going to the air and space museum, the capitol and arlington cemetery, we went to the supreme court

we went to the natural history museum... below is me with an "irish elk" nathan assumed i wanted my picture with it because it was irish - and he seems to think im obsessed all things irish ... there could be some truth to that

we also went to the library of congress. again i look like im all alone - but there was no one around to even ask them to take our pic

as far as food the first night i got there i took nathan to tenleytown, where i went to college and showed him my favorite mexican restaurant - guapos. it was mucho tasty.

nathan had heard about this place ben's chilli bowl - and said we had to go. said its supposedly the best - so good that bill cosby always goes there, and he gets to eat for free. so on thursday after our intern-led capitol tour we headed onto the metro to the u st stop on the green/yellow line and BAM we were there.

and of course ... nathan had to contemplate the food:

it turned out to be pretty freaking tasty. and there really was a sign behind the counter that said " no one eats for free. except bill cosby". nice.

i went to the zoo ... and loved it ... and i had a fabulous lobster dinner one night ... and we went to the hollocaust museum, and the bureau of engraving and saw dollars being made before our eyes. did you know that money is NOT made of paper, but of a linen blend. anyway ... what im just trying to get at is we had 3 really packed days. and we had a great time blog.

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