Monday, March 31, 2008


blog. we put in an offer on a house. it was an amazing day. nathan and i talked about what we would to with the money we have to fix the place up - new flooring for sure, maybe some new cabinets ... and i dreamed of having a fabulous home to have friends and family come over to.

and then my dreams were crushed

no, im not exaggerating... in fact heres a picture i have from the exact moment the dream was crushed ....

ok so obviously ... there are some things that need to be addressed. one) my eyelashes arent really that long. two) im not that skinny. and three) this is actually made in microsoft paint(which i havent used since 19freakin96) and so its not actually a 'picture' of the EXACT moment i found out per se.

however, this does not mean thats not what happened. a HUMUNGO foot landed on my house!!! - where "humongo foot landed on" means "someone else bought"

so that being said ... im off to find another perfectly perfect home ... wish me luck blog!


Annie Webb said...

I'll be honest. This is a pretty darn funny post. :) Good luck house hunting! Fun for you guys!

Jillian said...

HI. You are sooo funny. I'm bummed that your dream house was crushed, but it did make me laugh. I saw your blog from Kim's. I'm putting you on my list so that you do not again vanish from existense. Hope you are doing great.