Sunday, March 23, 2008

does your boss ....

does your boss tell you to go to a bar or sports book and watch your school dance their first dance at 915 in the morning? no ... i didnt think so.
i was sitting at work on friday morning, lamenting that we just received an email from corporate telling us no to stream video or radio of the ncaa tourney. american university had finally made it to the big dance ... and i wanted to see it!!!
so my boss said ... i wonder if there is a PTs around here? and i laughed. "of course, theres like 20 in town" and he said well they get packaged deals for the tournament, you should go watch your school play. and i thought he was kidding ... but he wasnt. so after some goofy banter, i left. headed to a BAR at 930 in the morning (im thinking, this is so incredibly goofy and weird ... do they serve breakfast at bars??). got to PTs and found out .. no package. so i headed to Red Rock and watched the game in the sports book.
with 11 minutes left in the game - american and tennessee tied at 40 - i get a text "see what you would've missed if you hadn't left"
in the end ... we lost. and it was sad. but i was so happy that AU made it the tourney ... and that we put up such a good fight.
and this is another reason i love my job.

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