Saturday, March 29, 2008

im a blurker

i blog lurk ... i admit it ... and im calling it blurking.

you have all your friends and family listed on the side of your blog .. and i click on the links.
so, sue me.

so my friend liz has a best friend, M. and M just got engaged - which i was very happy to see. that is kind of when i realized that i had this blurking "issue". i have never met M - but i felt like i knew her thru her (and thru Liz's) blog - and yet, despite not actually knowing her, i was DYING to see her engagement ring ....

none the less - she is getting married. and it seems to me this fiance of hers is a bit of an artist. and given my artistic-ness, i always appreciate a good artist. so ... that being said, he has a tshirt design that you can vote for on this site called Threadless. you just have to register and vote...and if he wins, they print the shirt and you can buy it and its amazing. soooooo .... go vote for it HERE. if you cant find him after you register (like me) just search for steve on the left hand side using "sthunt".

after i voted for his shirt ... i spent over an hour looking at other shirts and voting on them ... so feel free to do the same ... HERE.

the end.


M said...

hi nikki! i'm so glad you "blurk" and even more that you commented to let me know you blurk! i like blurkers because i tend to be one myself ;o) thanks also for this post about (me) and my fiance!!! i'll now post about how you posted about me...oh blogs!

elizabeth said...

strangely, I am friends with you in real life and found your blog again through M and realized again how grateful I am for blogs and those blurkers. woop woop!

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

I am an awful blurker. I know Liz and I saw M's blog when she got engaged as well then I saw your blog when I was blurking...I am glad to know that I am not the only one.