Sunday, March 23, 2008

solar energy

i just watched NOVA. do you watch NOVA? i like to write it in all caps ... does it seem like im screaming the name of the show? just imagine thats the way im saying it ... its pretty funny, huh?
ok back to NOVA ... it was on solar energy today. and i told nathan that it is time for us to think about getting solar panels for our new house. we dont have a new house ... but when we do i want solar panels.
i also want to be independently wealthy so that way i dont have to worry about the cost of it ... according to NOVA (!!!) nevada offers a subsidy or something for people who want to install solar panels. in massachusetts they offer a 50% cost share for the ocost of the panels. DANG!!
so im going to look into it .... and thats it. just a reminder to

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