Friday, April 04, 2008

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i found this site because i have been searching for a way to make a few updates while im at work. i know, im a slacker. but sometimes i have something i want to share RIGHT NOW

and right now - i just wanted to share that today is a great day.  i did not go to the gym like i was supposed to this morning, but i think i'll get out of here a little early and have time to go before i meet my wonderful parents for dinner (and maybe a movie?!) tonite - and so im not going to beat myself up about it.  and now, i am just working on a fatty b fatty quote right now - and the phone isnt ringing, and elayne is busy typing away at her desk - and its just quiet. not the this is so weird kind of quiet. its the "everything is in its place, just the way its supposed to be and theres nothing to be said" kind of quiet.  im just working along, and i love what i do and it makes me happy.

i am going to say one thing - i have read my scriptures EVERY night this week.  i am not so good at that.  we forget - we get busy - the usual (but not worthy) excuses.  nathan even prepared a FHE lesson on Monday night.  it was so sweet - it was from the Joseph Smith manual, the weeks lesson on coping with the death of loved ones.  i cried the whole time. but he really is so thoughtful to think of me and know that i am still struggling with the concept of my nana and grandpa being gone (and honestly just typing it and thinking of it brings tears to my eyes).

so i just think that this week we have really strived to be better about doing the things we should - eating better, being healthy, being spiritual, and working hard - and its just cumulated to this wonderful 80 degree friday. and i feel good. and i had to share it with the world. :o)

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