Sunday, April 27, 2008


so i said i was going to post about my bosch .. and here she is

its pretty fabulous. and nathan will attest to the fact that i did not think so at first. i am one of those people who likes to do as much as possible by hand - until im practically crying. like when i make guacamole, i use a hand potato masher to mash up the avacados - and generally my arthritis is so bad, nathan actually has to do it. so that being said, i was always a hand mixer kind of girl. then i got my first electric hand mixer - and i used that. and when nathan's mum got me this bosch, i told nathan (in secret) that i would never use it. "just put all the stuff in there, and walk to fridge to get something??? i dont think so". for months i didnt use it, but again, the arthritis started getting pretty bad, so i used the bosch to make mashed potatoes one nite. and then i used it to make a cake. and then before you knew it i was using the blender attachment instead of my old (yet reliable) stand alone blender. and now ... i LOVE my bosch, i never have to hold an electric hand mixer again, and my hands thank me for it. ill make anything in it. i make marian's salsa in the blender. i make cookies in the bowl. i make morning shakes in the blender. what do you want to eat today? ill mix it up in my bosch.
and so there it is people ... i was converted.


The Miller's said...

I LOVE Bosch's!!! Congrats!!! I'm sooo very jealous : )

elizabeth said...

how I also love the boschy-baby! don't you just love the blender?

Ben and Debbie said...

You cry when you make guacamole too! Although, I'm sure our reasons are completely different. Last time I made guacamole it ended in disaster - broken wooden spoon, avacado all over the kitchen, a complete mess!