Tuesday, April 22, 2008

home sweet home

alrite peeps (apparently i'm feelin that word today)
its official ... the house we put an offer on last tuesday is ours. the offer was accepted yesterday. we did the home inspection today. and we are going to close in 3 weeks or so.

its cute. its clean (muy importante). its got a cute little back yard. its on a cul-de-sac (yay!!). so overall im pretty dang happy. pictures you say? why would i have pictures?? oh, cause i do :o) check it out!!!

yes ... i wear that zip-up everywhere. its cause its comfy. and when i get off work i just put on my comfy clothes. so get off me (this is mostly directed towards my loving mum!)

ps i like how i say "officially" ours - when i mean, technically it isnt. but im not going to let some little signatures stop me from saying it. i think its mine, so, its mine (said with a shrug)


Annie said...

Oh my gosh, WOW! Congrats, that is co exciting! It looks bee-u-tiful!

NateDee said...

Hey, that's pretty nice house you got there. Any spare rooms for rent? Hunkahunkoburninlove

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Wow! Beautiful home. I would do anything for that kitchen!!

Ben and Debbie said...

I love the house! Great pics and I like the paint colors. Congrats! I'm so thrilled for you.