Friday, April 18, 2008

homes shmomes

hello blog. its been some time, hasnt it??

things have been hectic ... i guess

we put in an offer on a house - it of course was not accepted. and the realtor of the property did not call my realtor to let him know. so we were just waiting and waiting ... and waiting ... then we didnt get it. it was pretty disappointing.

then we went to buy another house, and we were going to do this crazy offer, so my dad was there and we walked in and sat down to sign papers, and the realtor says - someone just signed papers about 30 minutes ago on this same house. ARE WE KIDDING???

so we went across the street to a new build and had a HORRIBLE experience. I wont say who the builder is, suffice it to say it rhymes with MAY-BE COMBS. we found a house we liked, for a fabulous price. at the time there were no lots - so the saleslady, who we will call BENNIFER, tried to make us buy a house that was 25k more expensive. i dont need 2800 sq feet, and i dont need to spend another 25 freakin thousand dollars LADY. but she just kept pushing and pushing. i actually left the room, and let nathan just keep saying no. and he kept sayin no over and over again. and my dad - i thought he was actually going to laugh out loud.

the next day jennifer - oops i mean bennifer - called to tell us lot 25 opened. so we went over right away - only to find out it had a west facing back yard, which we werent thrilled about because it gets so hot in the summer afternoon. but we really liked the house and the price. so we went an viewed the lot. and went home to talk about it - and then the next day nathan brought bennifer a big fatty check to secure the lot. now we have been to this builders models a bunch of times, and we've now given them money and we're on our way to the design center - i mean this sounds like a pretty much close to done deal, yes?? well its not.

Jennifer ... o dang it, ok her name is Jennifer, i cant keep up with the fake names ... so jennifer calls nathan and says this house has to be an elevation H - which we dont like - and not only does it have to be this elevation (per summerlin's rules) but it cost $3500 extra. nathan says fine, i dont care if it has to be elevation H, but we arent paying for it, its not our fault youre making us have this elevation. so for a few days nathan and jennifer talk it out. he even goes into the office and talks with the head of nevada sales or something on a conference call. to no avail. we went in last saturday to sign papers, and when we went in we knew that if they were going to charge us the 3500 then we would take our check back and leave. and they wouldnt drop the charge. and nathan says to the sales lady that is there that day, laurie, well we dont want to pay the $3500. and she says, well the elevation change is only 1800. and we both look at each other, like what?? well thats a different story. then she says - you must be confusing it with the $3000 LOT PREMIUM.

remind me blog. have i ever once mention that phrase?? no???? weird. because neither did they. how can i be going in to sign a contract on something that you have not given me all the information on. i feel like jennifer purposely omitted information. i felt like she lied to us. and i felt like btw the lot premium and elevation it was nearly $5000 of upgrades, i didnt even want. i didnt want a west back yard, and i didnt want an H elevation. so im not going to pay for it.

so in the end. i laughed at Laurie, and said, youve got to be kidding me?? and nathan said, you need to talk to your sales staff, because NEVER in the 5 times ive been in this office, or the 10 phone calls ive had with jennifer, she NEVER has she mentioned it. and its wrong. give us our money back (and if we werent so nice, he probably would have said BEOTTTCH at the end of that statement).

then nathan wrote a letter to the BBB, and copied their corporate offices, and local offices. and that made me proud. way to stand up for US nathan :o)

so we put in another offer on another house on tuesday. we are waiting to hear from them. and I REALLY hope we get it. mostly cause im sick and tired of this ridiculousness. i just want a home.

thats probably one of the longest blogs ive ever written. but i had to get it out there. and for those of you stll wondering ... its KB Homes. BOOO!!!!


Annie said...

Oh man, oh man. Wait, maybe someone is trying to tell you that it is not time to buy a new home?? :) Haha. That whole process is very stressful...we've entered into it a few times, and then chickened back out again. (Actually, we got a "not yet" answer when we prayed about it...but that made chickening out a lot easier, ha!).

We think alike. Our filing cabinets and all.

What kind of bosch are you talking about? We have a bosch dishwasher (which we LOVE) they make stationary hand mixers too?

The Miller's said...

Buying a house IS such a pain. Good luck with this new one. Once you get into the perfect one, you will just be sooo happy adn will forget about all the drama : )

I love reading your posts, you put so much expression in your writing... it's hillarious.

Emmie {orange + barrel} said...

Wow! I can't believe someone signed papers on the house. You should ask your agent if you are in a notice, race, or race notice district.

I love the fake names, hilarious!